School Center for Inclusive Education Braila creates the institutional framework for action to ensure access to education for all children through educational services for children with disabilities enrolled in both special education and mainstream education and personnel involved in their training.
Developing a climate of education and training to ensure young people with disabilities, quality service for vocational education and training, stimulating career development and growing economic and social potential of the zone.

CSEI Braila aims to contribute to the free, integral and harmonious development of children with disabilities in our community, the formation of their personality to acquire personal and professional autonomy, for becoming citizens which respect the values of democracy and humanity.
Helping to create a healthy and sustainable economy in the area, our school unit provides teachers for supporting students with special educational needs in regular education.
Our school provides education and training that are based on quality, promoting European values , equal opportunities for all participants in the process and openness to lifelong learning. Promoting modern education, student-centered alternating traditional teaching – learning with modern methods.

Country Romania
Website www.specialabraila.ro
e-mail contact  cseibraila@yahoo.com