Part of the activities planned in the Project Erasmus + ASK PARENTS, the interaction with parents of children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) is necessary in order to find common concerns and needs.
Technicians from AIJU moved to Special Education Center “Los Silos” locates in Moncada (Valencia) to explain this initiative to parents and collect their first impressions. This first seminar tried to learn about the basic rights in special education, on specific training expert, inclusive education and its reality, self-esteem from parents, needs information on how to deal and provide answers to children about their functional diversity and their relationship with other children. From AIJU availability of the center and the high parental involvement are appreciated, as well as interest and involvement by the group of parents in the project.
In May, a second seminar will be held in which it will search a consensus concerning the application to be developed, afterwards, it will be presented by AIJU in the transnational meeting to be held in June in Catania (Italy). The next meeting will involve the other partners of the project (from Turkey, Romania, United Kingdom and Malta).

AIJU (the Spanish partner) collects needs for the development of an application for parents of children with Special Educational Needs